La SCFA est la plateforme qui représente les astronomes professionnels suisses. Elle est essentiellement constituée des directeurs des différents instituts astronomiques suisses.

Image : ESO


The SCFA is the Board representing the Swiss professional astronomers. It is composed essentially of the directors of the various Swiss astronomical institutes and of the presidents of the Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy (SSAA) and of the Swiss Committee on Space Research (CSR), as well as the IAU contact person.


President: Prof. Philippe Jetzer, University of Zurich (MAP Presidium member)
Vice-president: Prof. Francesco Pepe, University of Geneva


Prof. Stefan Antusch, University of Basel
Prof. Willy Benz, University of Bern (President-elect of IAU)
Prof. Svetlana Berdyugina, IRSOL
Dr. Margit Haberreiter, PMOD/WRC (President of the SSAA)
Prof. Louise Harra, PMOD/WRC
Prof. Adrian Jaeggi, University of Bern, Astronomical Institute (AIUB)
Prof. Maurizio Falanga, International Space Science Institute (ISSI)
Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib, EPFL
Prof. Lucio Mayer, University of Zurich
Prof. Christoph Mordasini, University of Bern, Space Research and Planetary Sciences
Prof. Stéphane Paltani, University of Geneva (President of the CSR)
Prof. Alexandre Refregier, ETHZ
Prof. Thomas Schieldknecht, University of Bern (IAU contact person)
Prof. Stéphane Udry, University of Geneva (Swiss delegate to ESO)


Xavier Reymond, SERI (Head of International Research Organisations Unit)
Marc Türler, SCNAT (Head of Platform MAP)

The Swiss representative on the ESO Users Committee for a first term of three years (2023-2025) is Prof. Xavier Dumusque.

The Swiss representatives in the Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF) are currently Dr. Axel Murk and Prof. Susanne Wampfler (Uni Bern).

The SCFA maintains a list of all professors in astronomy in Swiss academic institutions, which constitutes the College of Helvetic Astronomy Professors (CHAPS).